About me

This is the personal blog of an English archaeological museum curator in the wonderful historic city and former Roman colony of Lincoln (Lindum Colonia). I have a specific interest in the Roman world, in particular the numismatics of the early Empire (that's coins to my less geeky readers) and religious beliefs in Roman Britain.  

I'm very lucky to have an amazing Chinese wife and among other things enjoy travelling (especially in China), reading, and supporting the increasingly less-than-mighty Lincoln City Football Club.

So this is a blog about archaeology, museums, travelling, football, politics, China and anything else that takes my fancy as I journey through life. I hope you find something here that takes yours.

The name 'Li Dongni' is the Chinese name my wife dubbed me with, and the logo an impression of the beautiful signature seal she had carved for me in China.

As you might expect, the rantings and ramblings you'll find on here are entirely my own.

You can find posts when I've egotistically talked about myself here